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Our Mission Statement

Sex Toy Extreme's mission is to be a customer-oriented company in the adult products/sex education field. We focus on long-term growth, both through the expansion of current profitable businesses and the development of new ventures. We will maintain, and insist upon the highest ethical standards in our dealings with our customers, suppliers and each other. Sex Toy Extreme will continue to take the lead in setting national standards for sexually explicit materials. We will strive continuously to provide our customers with top-quality products, entertainment, and services that meet their needs and desires.

Our Mission Statement, like our company, is dynamic. We welcome comments and suggestions for change.

About Us

At Sex Toy Extreme we make our customers a number one priority. We strive to supply our customers demands with the best products and services available.

Customers can contact us here if they are having problems finding adult products and we will do everything possible to make the customer happy.

Phone: 1-800-505-4261 (Toll Free)


On February 2015 After Dark Novelty was founded as an Adult Novelty online store.

On February 2019 we changed our name and site to Sex Toy Extreme (

Who we are

Sex Toy Extreme specializes in Adult Sex Toys, Adult Novelties, Adult Kink, Adult Fetish, Adult Videos, and Adult Blogs.